City Scores

S ome cities have positioned themselves as pioneers for reproductive health, rights, and justice. Others have yet to use their full powers to institute the policies and practices that would improve the reproductive lives of their residents. The Local Index analyzes the policies of 50 cities, representing each region of the country, along 34 policy indicators. NIRH awarded each city zero to five stars based on the policies the city has in place – including policies on paid family leave, comprehensive sexuality education, access to abortion clinics, and many more.

City Scorecards

Fanned out city scorecards.

The City Scorecards present a snapshot of the policies that each of the 50 cities has in place as of December 31, 2018, the score that NIRH has assigned each city, and data to help contextualize that score.

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Comprehensive Scorecard

Thumbnail of the comprehensive scorecard.

The Comprehensive Scorecard tracks how all 50 cities in the Local Index fare along all 34 policy indicators. Use the Comprehensive Scorecard to see how cities compare alongside one another in promoting reproductive health, rights, and justice.

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